Meet Kate

IMG_4918 copy“I want women to know they have a voice and choices in their pregnancy and birth. As a birth attendant and childbirth educator in the Omaha area, I am dedicated to full and complete education and support for families as they grow!”

Kate is an experienced birth attendant serving the Omaha, Papillion and Bellevue areas. Kate is also a former leader of ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) of Omaha and has been part of multiple birth organizations. She has four children, and had a different birth experience with each one: vaginal, cesarean and VBAC and freebirth.

Kate’s birth philosophy is simple: birth is healthiest when each mother-baby pair can discover their own path together. For some, this means little (or no) outside direction and for others, many medical helps are needed. But, this if for the woman to decide for herself; trusting her body and her baby along the way.

Kate has supported nearly 100 births in many settings: home, hospital and birth center. She is passionate about informed choice for every birth option and wants to make sure her clients have truly personalized experiences.  Kate believes YOU can have an amazing birth and is honored to be part of your team as you prepare for the arrival of your baby!