Sister MorningStar’s Letter

Cherokee-Catholic midwife, Sister MorningStar, wrote the following letter last week to the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) as she declined to re-certify with the organization on ethical grounds.  This is the powerful reminder to those who support women in their birthing times: when the current method of scientifically managed childbirth no longer serves women, … Continue reading Sister MorningStar’s Letter

Born Free

Porter was born on the evening of September 19. His birth was unique, intense, scary and completely normal. Unlike all of my other babies who were born after 41 weeks, Porter arrived one day before his 38th week. My entire pregnancy with him was spent letting go... of ideas ...of perceptions ...of approval ... and … Continue reading Born Free

Our (First) Miracle

I needed to add this story here because Facebook is awkward for any kind of storytelling. And I really just want all my baby's stories in one place. If you're more of a visual person, here's the link to his birth video. But this note from September 22, 2011 gives the backstory: "I figured it's … Continue reading Our (First) Miracle

Responsibility in Birth

I was honored to speak at the Birth Empowerment Dialogue (BED) Conference again this year and focused on a topic that has become even more important in Nebraska as our birth options continue to be limited by policies, procedures and fear. Read on to confront your perspectives about who is "in charge" of your birth. … Continue reading Responsibility in Birth

If We Treated Sex Like Birth

There's a video circulating in the birth world right now called "The Performance." It shows a couple trying to be intimate and attempting to conceive a child in a setting similar to how 99% of women labor and birth in the United States. Watch it here: The whole situation seems ridiculous, controlled and obviously … Continue reading If We Treated Sex Like Birth

Want a VBAC? Read This First…

You've had a cesarean. Join the crowd! In the United States, 1 in 3 women will give birth this way. (Myself included!) Nearly 33% of all births assisted by surgery. And it can be a very important, life-saving procedure for women and babies. But... Now you're pregnant again. And, for some reason, you don't want … Continue reading Want a VBAC? Read This First…

A Doula with H.E.A.R.T.

I've never officially certified with any doula organization. I've taken multiple and advanced doula trainings, gleaned wisdom, and continue to serve my clients faithfully and professionally. I've moved to running Time to Be Born as a business and less like a hobby and but wanted to keep the soul and spirit of service central to … Continue reading A Doula with H.E.A.R.T.

Making Space for Birth

We live in a fast-paced world. We always have something to do, someone to see, trips to take and Facebook or Instagram to fill up the few moments in between (or the bathroom - c'mon, you know I'm right). The problem with this lifestyle is it gives us little - if any - time to … Continue reading Making Space for Birth

Normal Birth Series: What Should Birth Look Like?

Picture a birth scene for me. Got it? Ok, now remove any blinking machine. Delete those tubes traveling into a woman's body. Dim the lights. Erase the hospital bed and the baby warmer. Take the hands off the giant clock. And, finally, get rid of cervical exams. Yes, completely. What are you left with? Hmmm.... … Continue reading Normal Birth Series: What Should Birth Look Like?