A Huge Step Into the Future

73af7f4f-84cf-412d-852f-418758699fe4Although my heart has been preparing for being “with women,” the logistics of how that would look for myself and my family seemed an impossibility. But, sometimes a miracle happens. I communicated some of the details to my dear clients this fall and now the time to share with the internet has arrived:

Dear Loved Client/Friend/Birth Worker,

From the moment I discovered I was expecting with my first child, pregnancy and birth claimed a special place in my heart. My passion for women, babies and birth took me on the wild ride of supporting and educating families through their own birth experiences. I am truly thankful for the families I met, the joys I celebrated, the grief I shared and the intense gifts each birth has given me.

About six months ago, my husband Eric and I looked at our family and our lives with a bit of “holy dissatisfaction.” We felt we needed to make a change, but didn’t have the answers in that moment. Through a series of crazy events, we found ourselves positioned to take a leap of faith for our family and our future. I wish I could sit down with you and lay out the amazing details that led us to this place in just a few months.

But the short version is this: in January 2018, our family will relocate to Hawaii for two years as we train, travel and serve with the organizations Youth with a Mission and GoMidwife. This is a huge step and may seem a little insane for a family with four small boys! But, we feel a peace and purpose with this path like we never have before and know this is what we’ve been preparing for our entire lives – even if we didn’t know it until now!

The focus of my birth work calling has definitely shifted from doula to midwife. Because midwifery care is so needed in every part of the world, we’re keeping our hearts open for our final location and people group to serve. Eric will be providing safe infrastructure and clean water solutions wherever we land and our hope is to give our kids a global mindset through the work we do and the people we encounter.

As our family transitions to a “not for profit” life, I hope you’ll be thinking and praying for us! Our move to Hawaii is a giant logistical puzzle and going back to school will be challenging – even though it’s only for a short time. If you want to keep in touch, please let me know and I’ll add you to our “keep in the loop” list. If you’re wondering about birth support in the Omaha area, please contact me for specific reccomendations.

I am truly honored to have connected with you during an amazing time of growth in your own life and wish you and your family many adventures of your own in the years to come.

With all my love,
Kate Sorensen

We can hardly believe the adventure we have in front of us but know God is guiding us! This blog will slowly be dismantled (in my little bits of free time!) and our new family blog will show glimpses into our new life. I hope you’ll follow us there!

One thought on “A Huge Step Into the Future

  1. midwife61 says:

    Hello Kate, I’m so excited for you all…. what a huge amazing adventure the next few years will be!
    Looking forward to continuing to read your blog and finding out a little about your new life and the midwifery training.
    With love and best wishes


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