Hope in Birth

Last weekend, I had the immense honor of traveling to the warmth and beauty of Arizona. I had two quick visits with a friend in Phoenix, but in between those, spent four amazing days in Sedona. My physical body was refreshed by the sun, and my birth spirit was rejuvenated by a group of women who changed my life in a million ways.

I was in a low place when I left for this conference. Birth is Nebraska is difficult. Medical culture dominates here and for a believer in normal, beautifully designed, physiologic birth… well, let’s just say it’s hard to stay encouraged. As a doula, I often see, hear and experience situations that rattle my belief. Women are lied to, fear is rampant and the normalcy of birth is hijacked by a strict system. Worst of all, I was starting to feel as if what I “knew” deep down in my soul was actually false, because the proof was very scarce.

And, this isn’t just true of Nebraska – it’s true EVERYWHERE! Sometimes, just hearing you’re not alone is the first step to healing.  The conversations I had with amazing women all weekend validated my deep-held beliefs about birth and even confirmed desires and directions I’d been feeling for a long time.

Maybe you need encouragement too.
Maybe you need a kick in the pants.
Maybe you need to rediscover something about birth you thought you knew but that has been attacked over and over again.

Maybe a few of the things I learned this weekend at Indie Birth can help you too:

  • Hope. There’s always hope. Even when it seems dark and thick with fear. Hope!
  • Women are smart. They’re full of intuition and need to be trusted!
  • Don’t disconnect. Grow and connect with others.
  • More visuals and stories of normal birth must be shared!
  • We fear what we don’t understand – so strive to understand more!
  • “Women fear birth in the US because obstetricians fear it more.” Dr. Stuart Fischbein, MD, OB/GYN (think on that one for a little bit!)
  • The human body is beautifully designed.
  • “Confidence [in birth] seems to defy any physical risk.” – Maryn Green
  • Safety isn’t the absence of risk; it’s the absence of harm.
  • “Your pelvis is not an island!” – Lisa Gillispie (you’d love her, Julie!)
  • Postpartum care is essential to thriving, not merely surviving.
  • We are programming future generations about life.
  • “Pregnelone Steal” – this term will change your life. (Google it!)
  • The Best is Yet to Come.

I’m going to go deeper into some of these topics (let me know if anything jumps out at you!) and share the love and encouragement I was so freely given all weekend long.

Operation: Restore Kate’s Hope in Birth: SUCCESS!

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