Birth Story – Sarah

I had the privilege of supporting Sarah and her husband as they welcomed their first baby into the world! I remember they were a perfect team and joy completely filled the room when their son was born. She experienced a very textbook labor pattern (contractions started more than 10 minutes apart and gradually moved closer together as labor progressed, water broke near transition, pushing about 1.5 hours) even with a posterior baby who had the kindness to rotate for his mama later in the process. I loved being a small part of their story and still remember her birth very fondly. Sarah is graciously allowing me to share her story with you all! She remembers great details and descriptions that I’m sure MANY women will identify with.


Hugo’s Birth Story
“It’s hard to know where to begin, but I’ve been meaning to find time to write Hugo’s birth story for the last few weeks before the details start slipping my sleep deprived mind. I’ll start by saying that being a mother is amazing. I remember reading a quote while I was pregnant about having children…something about having your heart walking around outside your body. And I am here to confirm that feeling, 100%. A lot of people ask if it feels weird not being pregnant anymore, and it doesn’t at all, because I have my heart in my eye line –laying in my arms, fussing in his bassinet, swishing around in his tiny baby bath and being held so tightly by his wonderful father. He’s finally here, and is more beautiful and perfect than I could have ever imagined (even when I’m up for my fourth feeding of the night, bleary eyed and exhausted)…”

Continue reading Hugo’s Birth here!


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