Giveaway: Spinning Babies’ Daily Essentials DVD

I’m giving away a copy of my favorite new resource: Spinning Babies’ Daily Essentials DVD! dailyessentials I attended too many labors where babies were “malpositioned” and personally had a cesarean when my baby couldn’t couldn’t find the correct position in my pelvis. I knew there had to be a gentle, relaxing way to balance the body and the pelvis to give babies the chance to find their way – and before the stress of labor begins! Amazingly, during my sixth month of pregnancy, Gaily Tully (of Spinning Babies fame) released her wonderful “Daily Essentials” series which incorporates relaxing, strengthening and releasing movements to give babies the best chance to align properly in their mothers’ pelvises. Every night before bed, I did the 25 minutes of relaxing movements. Whenever I finished, my pregnancy aches and pains would be gone, I would be stress-free and my energy level increased. I love that Gail says pregnancy shouldn’t hurt. Tension (unbalanced bodies) create pain but it can be alleviated. I’m living proof that it works! I attribute this DVD (along with regular chiropractic adjustments) to helping my breech baby find his way to head-down. I also believe that aligning my body helped my labor progress almost faster than I could cope with. Three hours after my water broke, my baby was in my arms. (I’m typically a fast laborer, but that was crazy.) Don’t just hope for a good, effective labor; do the work and preparation to make it happen! There is also a yoga sequence on the DVD that I never had time to do personally, that incorporates all the movements. And this is a great postpartum tool as well to relieve stress from carrying a newborn, breastfeeding or for gentle stretching of your healing postpartum body. (Makes a great gift if you’re not currently pregnant!) How to enter the giveway: 1. Comment here or on the Facebook post. 2. For an extra chance to win, share on your own timeline!

6 thoughts on “Giveaway: Spinning Babies’ Daily Essentials DVD

  1. Ashley says:

    How great would this be?! I’m trying to a VBA2C in June and I’m doing EVERYTHING I can to make sure it’s a success!! This would be PERFECT!!


  2. emily wagoner says:

    For my last 2 pregnancies, I’ve had weeks (3-4) of pre-labor contractions 10 min apart or so. I think it was just my body trying to get baby into a good position. The thought of possibly avoiding or minimizing the discomfort of that process for this baby is encouraging! 🙂 I’d love to win but will probably end up buying anyway! 🙂


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