It Takes a Village… to write a blog!

Whew! My checklist of post topics is growing! (I’m so blessed to have smart friends who really want to know ALL THE THINGS!)

  1. Cesarean Options: emergencies, family-centered, unexpected, options during, what to expect
  2. Newborns (a strange breed!): Eating, sleeping, diapers, milestones
  3. Breastfeeding: what is normal and what isn’t, clogged ducts / mastitis, sore breasts or nipples, mama diet and drink, pumping tips
  4. Postpartum World: everything changes, how to survive those first few days/weeks/months, body and emotional changes
  5. Birth Prep: natural, what to expect in a hospital, some medical intervention, planned cesarean, how to stay flexible when things change, options
  6. Essential Oils: what to use during pregnancy and birth, newborn guidelines
  7. Your Birth Rights & Responsibilities
  8. Final Days of Pregnancy: “turning inward,” nesting, safe space, physical changes
  9. Pregnancy Health: weight gain, diet, exercises, body balancing, chiropractic care
  10. Fourth Trimester
  11. Survivors Giving Birth
  12. Support from Family and Friends throughout
  13. Postpartum Depression: how it differs from Baby Blues; chemical changes; mental and emotional signs, getting help
  14. Preparing for Labor: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically
  15. Different Types of Labor: fast, slow, loooong, intense, easy, etc
  16. Family and Friends: help and not just hold baby, checklist of options, sign on door
  17. Grace and Love for Choices: stop comparing, support
  18. Labor Support: definitions and roles of: partner, family, doulas
  19. Midwives: what type of care they provide; how is it different from medical?
  20. OB/Gyn: what type of care they provide; training; surgical emphasis

What else would you add? What other topics would have been helpful to you as you prepared for your new addition?


Give me your thoughts!

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