First, congratulations!

If you’re pregnant or planning to be soon, you’ve just begun the journey of a lifetime! The process of pregnancy, labor, birth and “babymoon” with this child will be one of the most exciting roads you ever take. And if this is your first pregnancy or your fifth, Time to Be Born is here to help! Kate’s passion is helping women discover their own mothering path – which starts the moment your baby begins to grow. Your options are extensive and you are wise and intuitive for the adventure. Think of Kate as your own personal sherpa for your individual journey.  She has walked many paths and can show you new paths you may not realize exist.

Time to Be Born is your source for personalized, holistic pregnancy, birth and newborn guidance. Kate has supported Omaha area families for over eight years and Kate is your trusted friend and confidant as you navigate pregnancy, birth and the addition of a newborn to your family.

If you you want in-depth, holistic information for your pregnancy and birth, check out  Kate’s Birth Preparation options.

For personal, individualized birth support, hire Kate as your birth attendant. Contact Kate for her availability.

Happy birthing journey to you!

“Kate helped give my wife the birth she had been hoping and dreaming about.
If only we had found her for the first three!” – A.G.